Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Alligator Dog Toy



Make playtime extra noisy with the Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Alligator Dog Toy. This critter is packed with four squeakers to turn up the excitement! It’s completely stuffing-free, which means you don’t have to worry about having fluff dispersed across your floors and furniture. Plus, the outer material is plush and soft to the touch, making this alligator toy the perfect snuggle buddy during an afternoon snooze.

Key Benefits

  • Plush alligator dog toy features four built-in squeakers to make playtime even more exciting.
  • Stuffing-free which means less worrying about stuffing messes during supervised play.
  • Ultra-soft plush fabric makes it cuddly enough for snuggling up to for naps too.
  • Toss it, launch it, squeak it—it’s the go-to toy for some jumbo-sized fun and to help keep your pup active.
  • Perfect for dogs of all sizes.